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Introducing the
Portable 2-in-1 Pet Bottle

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Are you going for a walk or a long hike? Gathered all the necessary things and prepared your own goodies, but what about your four-legged friend?

Drinking dirty water is dangerous.

What is leptospirosis?

Signs and Symptoms of Leptospirosis in Dogs

Say stop to the disease!

We present to you "Portable 2-in-1 Pet Bottle" which conveniently provides your pet with their favorite treats and water from the same container.

Portable 2-in-1 Pet Bottle

Water & Food Bowl

Unlike the usual bottle, our pet water bottle is made of two parts which can simultaneously hold 9oz of water and 7oz of food or treats. No more unhealthy drinking and hunger when walking your dog. 

Leakproof For Safe Carrying

The leakproof lock ensures the water does not leak in your bag.

Eco-friendly & Safe For Your Pet

Made from high-quality, nontoxic PC and ABS material, safe and durable, it will serve your pet's drinking and feeding needs for a long time.

Portable & Easy To Wash

The compact design with a strap attached to this 2-in-1 container allows you to take it anywhere on the go. 

Zero Waste

Created with the principles of efficiency and zero waste in mind, it features a reflowing mechanism that is easily controlled from the smart-switch.

You have full control of the amount of water that is poured into the bowl. And if there is any water left you can simply let it flow back into the bottle and seal it again for later use.

Nothing is wasted!

Take care of your furry friend!

Take care of your beloved furry friend and make sure it stays hydrated, fed and healthy