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The perfect accessory for your furry companion

When having a dog, going out with them for a walk or hike could be a great way to bond with them and it’s also healthy for both of you. It’s great to explore the great outdoors with your trustworthy companion but you also need to be prepared, especially in the warmer months. While for you it might be practical to grab a drink and some snacks and tuck them in your backpack for your dog could be quite tricky to find a safe way to hydrate and eat something on the go. That’s why as animal lovers we always look for ways of improving the lives of our furry friends. We humans have developed convenient and practical ways of eating and drinking on the go, but when it came to doing the same thing for our pets things got a bit tricky. Most people are still struggling with improvisations or burdening regular bowls when traveling with their pets. Or even worse, not taking any water or snacks, while going on longer walks.

That’s why from the love that we have for our beloved companions we came up with the Portable 2-in-1 Pet Bottle, the most practical and convenient way to keep your pets hydrated and fed on the go. It’s designed to be easy to use and efficient for our pets that drink and eat and for us humans that clean it and store it while on the go. It features a water bottle that has a switch controlling the water flow into the drinking bowl. The smart switch can seal the bottle for when you are storing it in your bag or backpack, can enable a controlled water flow and it features a zero waste concept, allowing for the remaining water to be stored back into the bottle. On top of that you can carry food in the special designed container at the bottom of the bottle, making it the perfect accessory for your pet.

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