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Dog anxiety on road trips and how to make your dog more comfortable in the car

When it comes to car travel the dogs usually love it or hate it, some really like being on a moving car and they are really relaxed an happy. On the other side for some of our furry companions it’s a real nightmare and it stresses them a lot, making the scared and agitated. This can be difficult at times because in certain situations it’s really necessary.

In order how to figure out how to help them we need to look into some common causes that determine our dogs to hate traveling by car.

One common cause is nausea or car sickness, just like some humans get this, it could happen with your dog. It is quite easy to notice because in most cases it will lead to vomiting. Some other hits of car sickness are yawning, lick smacking, and whining.

Your dog might associate the car with a bad place and might get anxious or scared when being in there. This could be caused by a trip to the vet or maybe a shock produced by a car crash.

And finally, your furry friend might not like the sound or the vibrations that the car is making, causing him to be agitated, anxious or scared. We humans might be used with it but dogs are not really fans of loud noises that they can’t understand.

When it comes to nausea or car sickness you should contact your vet in order to get the best recommendations and advices. There are some medical remedies depending on the severity of the symptoms. If your dog associates the car with a bad place you should like the car travel with a activity that is enjoyable for him. Maybe a trip to the park or to the beach, doing this regularly will make him love car travel because he will associate it with his favorite places. One other option is to make it as comfortable as possible for them, like putting in his favorite bed or blanket, and adding some toys. Also you can give him his favorite treat every time they step in the car.